Dargo Area Gallery

Dargo, being located in such a picturesque area, offers so many photographic opportunities.  Lush valleys with lively rivers and streams, powerful mountains that let you feel like you're on top of the world, brisk wintery mornings and long, lazy hot summer days.

We've put together an album of some amazing local scenery, awesome local people and incredible visitors.

A familiar scene in Dargo - moving cattle up to the High Country.
The Dargo General Store - a traditional, old-world general store catering to the needs of so many visitors to Dargo.
The Monarchs Motorcycle Club members are annual visitors to Dargo. Always love to have them call in.
A winter sunrise - always a colourful sight.
The outdoor eating area of the General Store. So many visitors love a hamburger & coffee - and sit & watch the world go by.
Italian Flat camping ground along the Upper Dargo Road. Just one of several beautiful camping areas beside the Dargo River.
Another group of bike enthusiasts, with twice as many wheels, enjoying an adventure in Dargo.
Two Mile Creek is just one of so many picturesque waterways in the Dargo area. Take some time to discover other beautiful areas.
A great view of the township of Dargo - well some of it anyway.